I wasn’t sure what to think when this Oasis change occured and am glad you chose to respond. You contibuted so much to ths site in the past. There is quite a history for the Tent and I have felt a close kinship to many here, met some in Georgia, had a wonderful gathering at the Inn with you and Mme Crowne, adventures with Irish in Belize (whom I still think of often}. There are so many memories. Good memories seem to become more important as time goes by. I have not been posting for a long time, yet check into the Tent vitually every day. Anyway, great to see your comments here and will maybe see you at the Oasis-I know I will a the Rambus site. I hope to meet with you in person again someday.


We’re going to have to agree to disagree about the vulnerability of places like you’ve described, unless they are very well armed and well defended. You could be right about the mobility of the inhabitants and that would be factor in their survivability.

Our Belizean adventure had the correct perspective: relocation was and remains, the answer, though I no longer consider Belize to be a destination of choice. I would personally reside in many areas of Mexico before Belize and before Mexico, South America. Of course, I am presently a resident (note that I did not state ‘citizen’, though legally I am) of Canada and in spite of Canada’s many failings, including a ready embracement of the fascist overtones emanating from the good ole’ USA, I would still pick Canada over the US any day of the week. For now, not forever and only because the US appears to have further traversed its road to ruin. The Republic, I do believe, is truly dead.