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Almaden Announces Positive PEA for the Ixtaca Gold-Silver Deposit, Mexico

Yamana Gold Announces Commitments for a Two Year US$750M Term Facility

Avino Reports 2013 Financial Results of $848,212 $0.03 Per Share and Cash Flow From Operations of $5,196,736 $0.19 Per Share

Northern Tiger and Redtail Metals Merger Receives Conditional Approval; Northern Tiger Changes Name to Golden Predator Mining Corp.

Santacruz Silver Announces First Quarter 2014 Production Results/ Ramp Up Program at Rosario Mine is on Schedule

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Sent Sinclair an e-mail this am, his response about his site:

technical problems.

macroman2 @ 0:58 am

I probably still have some of those pants – but alas – can not get my big ass in them now.  AND, yes, I have been in HELL’s BUNKER and this one at Royal St. Georges on #4 I believe.  It has no official name that I can remember but my name for it was @$%^!&*%$#^@#*&^#@@)$#%^!

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As regular readers know, it is not just the fact that gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium are traded on the Comex/Nymex; it is in how each are traded that most reasonably explains why all five declined sharply on Tuesday. The pricing in each is determined by the same technical fund/commercial paper trading tango that I harp on continuously in Comex silver and gold. The price of all five metals went sharply lower yesterday as a direct result of the commercials (led by JPMorgan) rigging prices lower in order to induce technical fund selling (so that the commercials could buy). This is the essence of the price control that the commercials possess. I know it seems counterintuitive and difficult for many to grasp, but on the big down days like yesterday, the commercials were not the big sellers, but were the big buyers. In fact, the sole reason for the big price decline was for the purpose of allowing the commercials the opportunity to buy. – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 16 April 2014

yeah eeos

or pm’s to rise in any out of control manner.

So I wonder what the REAL rating is for that Sam guy.

Their numbers have been dwindling for years, and now only three U.S. companies have the coveted AAA credit rating from Standard & Poor’s.

Automatic Data Processing was the latest U.S. blue chip to lose its pristine AAA rating from S&P, downgraded this week after it spun off its auto-dealers services unit, USAToday noted.

That leaves only Johnson & Johnson, Exxon-Mobil, and Microsoft as companies rated AAA, which is reserved for companies with the unassailable financial strength and discipline.

In 1980, there were more than 60 U.S. companies with AAA ratings. That number declined to six in 2008. Since then, General Electric, Pfizer, and now ADP have fallen out of that esteemed ranking.

and we know the controllers

will never allow a dollar crash

USD taking it on the chin vs. BRIC currencies this am

and vs. the Euro

Used to be that a weak USD helped pm’s but no mas. I suspect we are at the point that the only thing that will help pm’s is a full blown USD crash.

Dr. Jim Garrow Interview by John B. Wells

Wells was thrown off Coast to Coast and started his own show Caravan to Midnight.  His first episode was with Dr Jim Garrows who claims that Clancy, Breitbart, and Hasting were collaborating on a book exposing O.  They were all whacked.

js mineset site is down


held the 200dma and uptrend from december. tested the neckline from december and january and has another (parallel) neckline above at 1395 that might warrant at least an attempt?

other than that the usual depressing action…

Coffee’s on



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But…but..but Macroman, The Markets aren’t open on Sunday!

Monday, 4/21 after the overnight ‘crack of doom’.

Time to go bunker-diving.  Me and the Gold Train will be in a nice, deep tunnel.

Well Maya, I hate to tell you, 4/20 is on a Sunday and there will be a high.

And the western demise spot was on 911, 2001.

Maybe Clif and the coyote need to re-aquaint with the Road Runner.

Ya gata have a train for that….

eeos @ 21:38 pm The Crack of Doom

Moggy is not the only one looking for an ‘event’ on  Apr. 20.

Clif High’s ‘predictive linguistics’ machinery is shut down now while his partner moves with the servers.  However, he has looked at some basic ‘emotional values’ from the last data run back in January and has come out with three dates to be aware of.

Mon. Apr.20-21   Two emotional peak/release cycles that day.

Tues. Apr. 29  One very LARGE emotional peak and release that day

Tues. May 6  another  emotional peak and release that day.

Clif has no linguistic details to associate with these dates, but his personal opinion, looking at the news, is that something could go ‘hot’ in eastern Europe.  He feels this will be the beginning of the collapse of Western Empire, which he feels will happen this year, by December.  Clif says that these emotional peaks are the greatest magnitude of all the data he has ever seen… even exceeding the magnitude of the peak of July 2001 that he saw coming for 9/11/01.

I find it interesting when two disparate predictive technologies, Moggy’s astrology and Clif’s emotional linguistics values, target the same date well in advance.  If anyone is interested, Clif’s latest prognostication is in his mp3 audio essay E76 found on his webpage here:  it is about 38 minutes of his ramblings.

I bet Flag has a pair of them golf slacks Mick is wearin’

Just sayin’

No wonder he finds heself in Hell’s bunker.

Pretty frightening that Mick was Putin all those moves on in the year that I was born. Yeah wanks, ipso and BG, that does make me a spring chicken…but I got more exwives than allya…

And I couldn’t quite call it quits with Mick and Howlin Wolf without a little Moss…and Wall Street…

To all the goldbugs that are united for a better future…including maddogs and Englishmen

Now the natural segue from a maddog is a Howling Wolf…and his version of waiting for Godot…

Howling for the maddog…without the Ketamine and Meth…Odist


Bundy Ranch: The Rules of Engagement have Changed

Jim Willie: “The fast decline in Money Velocity means that it is not moving in the body economic” M2 = Cash + Savings

Chart link

April 15th one strange date

Besides Gold getting hit.  Also the anniversity of the sinking the Titanic.  Then yesterday the ferry carrying hundreds of students sinks in South Korea.

eeos @ 21:38 pm

a while ago Moggy has said there was a possible event coming

and that’s this Sunday 4/20. I can’t remember what it was that she mentioned