Thank You LP

Long Time

As You can see I am up late here just trying to make sense of it all

But there is NO sense in it

Your post is much appreciated

Thanks Fully

It’s sad that it’s come to this.
I just want to thank you for all the work you put into this site and all the support you’ve given me over the years.

Yesterday I went down the sidebar which brought back so many memories. Posts that I posted on get togethers at my place and one that I posted in 2011 on wives which you put under ‘inspiration’ which I didn’t know was there. I’m glad that I went to the side bar before the posts were all deleted.

I admire your courage and I’m glad that you’re posting at the OASIS.

LP from Downunder

Thanks Amals

Appreciate it

See you there


I’m not going to put my ancient Finance degree to work to try to decipher the back and forths over at the new site. My suspicion is a big misunderstanding rather than blatant wrongdoing. In any case, I know you put heart and soul into Goldtent and more hours than I would want to guess. I have been a virtually daily visitor for years. Thanks for your efforts, and see you at the Oasis.

Thanks Larry C and Equiz EEOS and Fitness First


truer words never spoken


Thank you for all you have done. I have always enjoyed your musings. Nothing lasts for ever, but Poster’s Paradise deserved a better ending. Communcating with each other will always be our greatest challenge. Best to you in the future.

Fullgoldcrown. Thanks and best wishes.

See the note I posted to you on Oasis about our Carney wager.

bye fully

well that sucks. thanks for everything you contributed too. I’m sorry it had to end this way too. You were always fun. Hope to meet you in person some day.

Thank you to everyone. goodbye

and ff it’s not manipulation….but there’s certainly undercurrents we’ll never get to the bottom of. The paper mongers hate the metals. this might go on for years to come and not resolve itself IMHO

to fullgrowncrown

Fully I realize that saving this sight is important and arguments among men do happen but before the gold tent just goes away
please explain how the entire world of currencies printing or borrowing at an ever excellerating rate that silver and gold stay flat when continuing records of purchasing is on record for precious metals all the time. thanks in advance


OASIS …whats up

I just randomly dropped in to see what was happening here at the tent

I haven’t figured it all out

someone please enlighten me

I haven’t been around much as you all know

many here think I am a judas or cretin or something

I see some posts eluding to the Rambus Site as not paying its way

for the server and being dismayed that YOU paid for the Rambus Site to become a pay site

Here is some clarification on that front

On the sidebar you will see there have been tentathons to pay for the server fees

The last tentathon was over 1 year ago

Someone had to give their credit card to the Host (Lunarpages) to pay for the server

That someone has always been me

The tentathon was successful every year

we raised enough money to reimburse me (minus my $100) donation as well

The Rambus site was set up 2 years ago

we used the same server as goldtent for expedience

The first year the hits were rather small and negligable

But the server costs increased as we migrated to a larger server

the tentathon was still great and covered 1 third of the server fee

I covered the rest personally and was reimbursed by Rambus Chartology

The Server now costs $3600 a year

As you will notice there has been NO tentathon this year BUT

I have paid Lunarpages $3600

This has kept the tent and Rambus Chartology humming along for the last 12 months

NOBODY has paid anything for the last 19 plus months

Except for me…Fullgoldtraitor

When the topic of the tentathon came up recently I spoke with wanka

we agreed that Rambus Chartology should pay a portion of the Server fees

and Goldtentathon a portion

we agreed that Rambus used 2 thirds and goldtent used 1 third

so Rambus would pay $2400 and Goldtent $1200

I realized that after 3 years of a devastating bear market the Goldtenters were

hurting and probably not in the best of moods to pay via a tentathon

so I decided to just pay the whole $3600 out of pocket and that is what I did

The payments are monthly for some of the services and yearly for others

the big hit was last month

Rambus and Audept are reimbursing me for their portion

So all in all Rambus Chartology has paid in full for the last year of service to keep

the 2 sites working

NOBODY knows how hard Audept has worked over the many years Goldtent has been in existence

to keep it running smoothly

If we had to pay him for his services even at $10 an hour we would own him hundreds of thousands of dollars

Unfortunately …and I am being as frank and candid as possible here

Audept and wanka had a falling out…which I tried to mediate but failed

I have no clue what precipitated this falling out

but the result was that Audept can no longer dedicate his time to the maintenance of goldtent

I suppose that is what has precipitated this migration to a new site

This is the first I have heard of this

THESE are the cold hard facts

Sorry I haven’t been around to monitor the situation

NOBODY contacted me personally to warn me of this situation

Since I am being candid here

I will absence has been because we have a forum at Rambus Chartology

which I am moderating and it has consumed all of my computer time

Also This site has for long periods of time degenerated into such negativity

that I couldn’t bear to participate anymore

YES…Ramus Chartology is a pay site…BUT NOBODY here was tricked into supporting it

ALL the $100 donations over the years went into supporting Goldtent …period

By being involved with Rambus Chartology I have learned that the PM Markets are NOT NOT NOT

all about Manipulation all day every day

I bought that theory hook line and sinker for years

I was a big cheerleader fort that cause here…even shouted down the few who dared to question it

But my eyes have been opened to so much more and I and my portfolio have benifited greatly from this

new perspective .

I Love you guys..and am devastated that the tent is in disarray and facing the end

I used to love to update the Locator every time we had a new member show up

I painstakingly added thousands of links to the sidebar during those great boom years

We lost so many good posters..I believe because of the negativity and doom which has prevailed here

during this devastating period..and there were so few new ones that I suppose you could say

we have been dying a slow death anyway

Anyhow I would like to hear from Floridagold Ipso facto and Wanka as to what is going on

Bottom line..whoever spread the rumor that Fully and Audept were shysters who stole your money

should be ashamed

I wish all my good friends here the best of good fortune in the coming years


Final coffee


my spamcatcher holds all suspected spam until midnight, then sends me a summary. before midnight, i don’t know how to access it. there may be a way for the more computer-adept. check after midnight.


trying to get to the oasis…no email message with password after registering nothing in junk folder. someone guide me


G’day Tent, old and new

I know I rarely post these days, and can’t even monitor the site often. It’s hard when you are traveling. But I happen to have a connection now, in Mauritius, and tried to log into the new site – no luck.

Maybe it’s a patience thing?

Tried to register

I tried to register @ the new site, but got no e-mail with a new password.
Probably does not matter as I mainly lurk, but back in the Ron Paul days, I had some input.
So sorry to hear about the mis-appropriation of resources that prompted this not insignificant move.

new site

I was not able to log in to new site. I would appreciate some help from admin. Been layin low for a spell, but lurkin regularly.

Uh Huh! The sky is falling….

At KWN, Von Greyerz warns of bail-ins, exchange controls, counterfeit gold


Go to the link that was provided here somewhere and register.
Not all emails were the same as when people signed up. I don’t know how they got mine since it was changed when my computer got a virus and got out of that server after it happened twice.

after years of posting and probably tens of thousands of comments

I’m finally hanging it up. I’m getting too old for this stuff. Farewell all. I know I caused a lot of problems and I enjoyed every bit of it. if you want to get ahold of me, I’ll now be subscription only. snicker.

it’s been fun climbing this mountain together. I wish you all the best in investing and I hope you all reach your dreams. I on the other hand, will have to gracefully bow out of the PMs soon. I have kids and I need a buy house


I wondered when you were gonna say something.
Might as well leave things be. Like you said about V this site could of been around long after we were gone and our grand kids could read it someday but I guess a couple were only planning on theirs while ours payed for it. Maybe they should go into politics oh but wait, hope at least our grand kids can change that by then because if not the next pond will be filled with the whores of Babylon, already there now.

who’s idea was it to leave me here

Mobax’s? I knew that guy didn’t like me

hey I’m just kidding around

AUDept and Rambus have given more than people could ever imagine. it was a great run guys. you guys all worked damn hard. Yes Rambus should have paid his own way….but it was one great experiment. goodbye goldtent it was a great run. Dr. V you dumb old fool. you could had the best site on the internet but you are a control freak. weirdo

Masters of Deceit

The Tent was infiltrated just like our Government !
Karl Marx is alive and well!

oh great

I’m stuck in a chat room with rambus and fully. do I need to pay a ransom and subscribe to chargeology?

in the words of a great western hero – HAPPY TRAILS !

Last Gold Train…

…has left.   The trains don’t run here anymore.

Well see you all

At the new tent.

Registered and recieved my e-mail, but my new password will not be accepted

Adios tenters

Time to hit the Oasis. What the original tent was supposed to be.



That’s where I find my important stuff. ;-)