Nice Chart

Have you met Washer ?

He seems to agree with you

He is an OK guy ..even though he is a Montrealer


Re Jdst

appears to be bottoming? but who knows anything can happen.

JDST. I still like getting punched in the face.



have you noticed…speaking of currencies…

the Yen Gold correlation is extremely strong

the Euro gold correlation has been weak


I have spent some time on gold cycles and in particular the 8.2 year cycle.  In a bull period one would expect the move up from the low to last about 2/3 of the 8.2 years.  In a bear period, it would last about 1/3 of the 8.2 years.

2000 – 2008 met the bull period idea perfectly.  2008 to date met the bear period perfectly – until recently.  The peak came right to the calculated date 1/3 x 8.2 years off the low.  So I was prepared for the rest of the 8.2 cycle to be uninteresting.  However, at where the bull top would have been (2/3 x 8.2 years off the low), gold  bottomed and the recent rally ensued.  I have not been a believer of inverted cycles (or in this case a sub-cycle of the 8.2 year cycle).  But I am trying to envision how this would work as an inverted cycle.  Or is it just an echo of where the high would have been?



I haven’t spent a lot of time recently on the UUP chart (US $), but the fib time zones have called the turns so far and now call for a trip down. That does not mean that the trading range will be broken though.

Also, while all other things being equal, gold will go up in $ terms if the $ goes down – all other things are never equal and gold and the $ have rallied together for longs periods. Perhaps both are seen as safe havens. Anyway I would not conclude that a turn lower in the $ will in itself be good for gold.



You have mind blowing charting skills!

I have a question for all…The unpaid version of stockcharts only allows for 3 year maximum history? Is this correct?

Do most of you in here prefer stockcharts? How about a list of top three sites people like to use?

Thanks in advance


I personally always thought you had great skills. Good to see you back. I believe ta and cycles and so forth will help all of us.


The yen has been THE most correlated chart to GOLD

this netdania chart is the reverse yen…when the Dollar is rising vs the Yen…. Gold Drops

The big gold smackdown starting in Fall 2012 coincided exactly with Abenomics..and the huge revaluation

downward of the Yen vs the dollar

we have been in a long trading range in the Yen and Gold since then..IF this is a breakout

Gold will have a STRONG Hurricaine force head wind

sheesh !

Maybe as Martin Armstrong says..its time for Gold to rise in spite of a stronger dollar

Hope So


My Contribution to this excellent ongoing discussion of the PM Markets :
One thing I have learned….the hard way….is…in every market there is hot money
Well the Hot money has found a new playground

Our Kamikazi Trades
When Rambus and his Merry Band of Knights rode the last Impulse move in PMs
back in the first half of 2013….we really hadn’t studied these Dragons we
know as Kamikazi Trades…and look at the volume back then


they were rather obscure during that move compared to now
They were new
Now the Hot Money has discovered the GDXJ and its psycho stepchildren twice removed

Thus the Volitility !!!
It was pretty smooth sailing for us in that PM drop we earlier Rambus Members took part in
NOW…there is so much more HOT capital…day trade minute trade money….that the volatility
may prove imposible to hold even in a trending market

If this is the case..we may turn back around on a dime
This is Not your 2013 Kamikazi Market
Our little game has gone viral !
I believe Parabolic Chuck bought JNUG or JDST on the first day it opened

I thought he was nucken futz…and it turns out he is
Here is the whole history of this Dragon…it even looks like a dragon chart
very subtle reversals no ?


Aurum re last nites UUP chart

That’s quite interesting

looks like UUP wants to go UUP

Nice call all those years ago about The Dollar Trading range

what is your view now




Why has the volume on GDX and the 3xETFs increased so remarkably over the last 12 months? Seeking your opinions.


Welcome to Goldtent T A Paradise

Right up your alley

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Anybody Gone LOCO ?

If you look hard you can see a negative hidden divergence I think

All gaps must be filled


I Dont Trust this Little Bugger

Mind the gap #20 !


click 3X to enlarge

The Slam Down

should be coming tonight or tomorrow due to a Fed meeting? Maybe since we are all waiting for that the opposite will happen?



I recall you were always predicting the demise of the US $. And I believe I argued that it would stay in a trading range for some time. Anyway in playing around with fib time lines and UUP something interesting happens.



I don’t intend to try to understand how we came to have 2 sites, but I welcome having a site that is mostly TA.  And so I will post here TA types of posts.  The attached is a chart of an oscillator that is plotted by the difference between two moving averages.  The bean oscillator is stronger but I have uploaded the weaker corn oscillator as it has  interesting features – such has the weakening that started late last year and accelerated this Spring.  But as you see we are quite oversold now.



The chart looks bullish to me

Are you saying Jim Wiley is bearish the dollar

Who’s the guy ?

Hamlin forecasting minimum gold price of 3600 by 2016

Telephone call for Mr. Jim Willie…

“Will you accept the charges?”



Awesome charts!!

Where can I learn to chart that way? Thanks and please keep them coming.


For the sake of information, many former denizens of posters paradise are now hanging out at goldtentoasis.

JJG-corn, wheat, and soy

corn, wheat, and soy

Rambus Weekend Report …An In Depth Look at Precious Metals Stock Indices