grin, Farmboy

grin – whatever the lying bastages at the Fed said, the USD and the metals don’t seem to buy it and the SM loves it! So, the Fed is going to end QE? Heck I guess that means Belgium is buying a whole lot more bonds!

Farmboy – I’d like my Blackberry pie with vanilla ice cream and milk please. “Czar of naps”? That really hurts my feelings, I’m kind of sensitive ya know!

farmboy 14:45 ahhhh kind and benifiicent farmfrog el presidente

i protest that you have created a czar of abolishment and beg your highness to reconsider merging the task into my office of the ‘department of justice and lamposts’ forthwith. i promise i won’t fail you boss i promise! :mrgreen: wj

Floridagold, Czar of All Things News, Hows That Sound To Ya?

I have been working on my Cabinet and Czar selections so Gold Tenters start packing your suitcases. We gonna be ready to Rule !

Mad Mike, Czar of Coffee
Wanka, Czar of Justice & Lamposts
Ispo, Czar of Romance
Buygold, Czar of Naps
Grin, Czar of Chartology
Goldilocks, Czar of Medicine & Health
Moggy, Czar of Stars & All Things Predictable
Winedoc, Czar of Car Parts & All Things Gold
Anyone want to volunteer for Czar of Abolishment? As in, bye bye IRS, EPA, Homeland Insecurity, and especially Obamacare. Who is best experienced in handing out pink slips?

Others to be announced at a future date…..

Farmboy @ 13:42 pm on July 9, 2014

hummmm,  HILLARY or  FARMFROG – that is a no-brainer – I’m voting for FARMFROG each and every time! :-)


What’s A Goldbug To Do ?

You are right Buygold, SOMEDAY news of bank irregularities and failures will matter. What’s a goldbug to do in the mean time you ask? Well, I have been out this morning picking blackberries. I’m thinking blackberry cobbler with some coffee for dessert after dinner. And some blackberry jam for the winter. In other words, just finding things to pass the lull in the PM markets. And something to do while those magical banksters behind the curtain continue with their world of illusion. But someday…….

Farmfrog For President !

Modern Day Perversions

Two Great Politicians


ISTOOK: Flying illegals home would be 99.5 percent cheaper than Obama’s plan

We taxpayers are expected to house, feed, clothe and care for almost 30,000 illegal aliens for a full year, according to the White House’s official request. That’s a small city.

Instead, we could fly all of them home for one-half of 1 percent of the $3.8 billion that President Obama proposes we spend. That’s a savings of 99.5 percent!

Most of his proposal is to pay living expenses. At the unofficial reported cost of $250 per person per day, President Barack Obama is proposing we spend $1.8 billion “to provide appropriate care for unaccompanied children.” That works out to 19,726 minors for a year. (The official term for them, written into federal statute, is “undocumented alien children.” Not undocumented immigrants, migrants or refugees. Those other terms are efforts at propaganda.)

In addition, Obama wants another $879 million “for detention and removal of apprehended undocumented adults traveling with children,” and “alternatives to detention programs” for these adults. He blends “removal” with “detention” to make it impossible to determine how many removals are planned.

If the money is all for detention, then the $250 per person reveals the plan is to house 9,632 adults for a year at taxpayers’ expense.

Combine 19,726 minors with 9,632 adults and you have 29,358 people. But it gets worse. The request is for a “supplemental appropriation.” In budget lingo, that typically means it’s for the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. If these funds don’t cover a full year, either the cost per person is much higher or the number of people is much higher.

If the daily cost per person is less than $250, then the small city of illegal aliens we’re supporting will be larger than 29,358.

Although Obama asks for lots of money to take care of people permanently, he gives zero details about a timeframe for deporting or repatriating any of the persons involved.

The $250 a day figure compares with the $667 one-way cost of an airline ticket from McAllen, Texas, to Guatemala City, Guatemala, according to both Orbitz and Priceline. The combined airfare for 29,358 passengers would be $19.6 million. That is one-half of 1 percent of President Obama’s overall $3.8 billion request. Volume discounts and government rates would yield even lower fares. But even without discounts, sending everyone home right away saves taxpayers 99.5 percent!

It’s also closer to fly them from McAllen to Guatemala City than to Murietta, California. Only 1,297 miles compared to 1,549 miles. And no protesters.

But what about the red-tape processing that Obama says gets in ther way? We know the president skirts inconvenient laws when he wants to do so. And although there is some red tape for the minors, there is no federal law that requires officials to drag their feet on deporting the thousands of adults newly arrived from Central America. And no red tape on the accompanied minors. All of them can be placed on planes pronto, arriving home far more quickly than it took them to journey to Texas. And arriving there more quickly than flying to California.

Regarding the unaccompanied juveniles, officials such as Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson don’t seem to have read the law. Johnson told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the top priority is “doing right by the children.” Actually, the law states the top priority is to repatriate those children to their country of origin.

Before the lanague of that controversial 2008 statute outlines the red-tape processing, it explicitly states the goal of that process, namely that “the Secretary of Homeland Security, in conjunction with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, shall develop policies and procedures to ensure that unaccompanied alien children in the United States are safely repatriated to their country of nationality or of last habitual residence.”

That bears repeating: The statute says the goal is that the unaccompanied alien children “are safely repatriated to their country of nationality or of last habitual residence.”

Interestingly, that law foresees a problem if minors are released in the U.S. to custody of fellow illegal aliens. The statute requires officials to make sure that a potential custodian is someone who is trained to recognize his “responsibility to attempt to ensure the child’s appearance at all immigration proceedings.” Obviously, that disqualifies anyone who himself is in the country illegally.

We don’t have to borrow and spend another $3.8 billion to fix the problems created by President Obama’s irresponsible promotion of amnesty. It’s far cheaper to follow the law and to send people home. That also is the best way to discourage other people from following in their footsteps.

Read more:

Where your tax dollars are going to destroy the constitution

Following the ECJ judgment EU citizens may apply for the cancellation of search listings on Google. The verdict triggered a veritable wave of fire fighting applications. Google has received more than 70,000 requests for deletion of their search files, including about 12,000 applications from Germany alone. Overall, it comes to the removal of more than 267,000 links from the search results of the Group. Google’s outrageous lack of privacy for the idea of targeting advertising has had a tremendous impact around the world. This, coupled with handing over this data to the NSA is just outrageous. Google has exposed itself to tremendous liability by retaining this information without disclosure for years. Google could be subpoenaed is countless court cases but public and private when it comes to taxation cases.

Meanwhile, the US government wants to hire people in computer science to prevent them from going to the private sector. Cyber employees of the Pentagon to 2016 are to be increased 300%. Even the FBI wants to strengthen its cyber division with 1,000 cyber agents and 1,000 analysts in the coming year. Demand for security specialists in the USA is now huge. Forget becoming a doctor or a lawyer, computer science is where to go.

The government will support their young talent during their studies. The government program Cyber ??Corps covers the tuition fees, books, and professional development of students in the field of cyber security. The scholarship also includes a cash payment between 20,000 and 30,000 dollars per year. The amount depends on whether the student seeking a bachelor’s, master’s or a doctorate. The study aid is set at three years. After completing his studies, the Government expects that the graduate will remain for several years in their service.

The business of spying on everyone and assuming everyone has something to hide is indeed a world with no social fiber. This is how society is destroyed. Stalin did this very professionally.turning children against parents and man against his brother until the core of civilization, communication and cooperation, ceased to exist. They are playing with deadly consequences for the future.

Nice pop for Canamex lottery ticket

I miss the olden day’s

Life was so much simpler back then. Just the olden day’s of 2003 or 4 or 5, LOL. Uncle Jim then had the finest gold market technician to advise us…His name was Kenny Rogers. Somehow Jim retired him, no explanation ever given. Not to worry! A remarkable EW wave technician named Alf was next up for Jim. A knock it out of the park analyst. Oops, Alf got retired. Not to worry! Uncle Jim now trots out Bo Polny!!! LOL.


yeah I think you’re right about that and we’ve essentially been flat lining since – 13 trading days.


if memory serves, the big jump in gold to this level was on the last fomc day. whodathunkit…

just goes to show you anything can happen


I forgot we have the Fed minutes today. Generally not a good day for us. I have to think if the minutes are bad for us then they’ll be really bad for the SM.

Itchy fingers is right. The shares are giving the metals every opportunity to rally but the boyz are really digging in. Pretty frustrating.

Buygold1 @ 10:52 am

there must be lots of itchy fingers looking at the hs in gold? on fomc day. hows that for tension jeese

Well samb

if the COT Report is even close to being accurate, which we both doubt, there is something that scares the life out of the manipulators about gold breaking this 1320-30 area because it is being defended as much as any number I can remember in the last ten years.

The shares seem to be saying we’ll break upward but we’ll see.

COT Report

Analysts are still debating the very bearish COT report. They take it as gospel to begin with…that’s the part I still don’t get. The Banksters submit their individual data to the CME who then compiles it. Then the CME sends the compiled report back to the Banksters for their review and editing. If the first set of numbers submitted was accurate why should the Banksters be allowed to edit/change them?

Once again the shares are begging the metals

to catch a bid. Something’s gotta give.

Breaking news=Citibank must pay U.S. govvie $9 billion for defrauding investors in mtg.-backed securities-the govvie pockets that

mebbe $2 bill gets distributed to mtg.-holders–nobody goes to jail–this is what’s needed=

Understatement of the year

Marc Faber: Stocks Could Crash 30% Because “Obama’s A Very Poor President”

Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 07/08/2014 21:31 -0400

“There is a colossal bubble in all asset prices and eventually it will burst,” is the subtle recurring message from The Gloom, Boom, & Doom Report’s Marc Faber, warnings that “maybe has begun to burst already.” While Faber admits he has called for such a correction previously, he notes that the difference now is that “valuations are so much higher; and contrary to what the mainstream economists believe, I don’t believe the global economy is strengthening; in fact I believe it is weakening.” Furthermore, while “you never know what will trigger for a bull market or bear market is until after the fact,” Faber offers 3 factors (aside from the Fed) that could trigger a 30% crash or more… beginning with “a) In The White House we have a very poor President – which will lead to political issues domestically in the US,” which are not priced in.


Gold’s up $9 and change…yawn…read any good books lately?…Zzzzzzzzzzz

Someday this stuff will matter to gold

Portugal’s Largest Bank Misses Bond Payment; Bonds Collapse
Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 07/09/2014 08:42 -0400

Brussels, we have a problem. As we warned 6 weeks ago, Espirito Santo International SA – is in a “serious financial condition” according to a central bank driven external audit by KPMG identified “irregularities in its accounts.” Sure enough, the ‘ponzi-like’ maneuvers have left the bank unable to pay its bonds as Bloomberg reports bonds plunged to record lows after a parent company delayed payments on short-term notes. More importantly, given the divisively dependent nature of the domestic sovereign bond market (and hence the health of the EU) and its banking system, it is noteworthy that Portuguese bond risk has surged to 4 month highs with the biggest 2-day spike in a year. As one analyst noted, “The bigger question is whether the government will have to get involved,” leaving the EU taxpayer on the hook once again (for fear of M.A.D. threats) as most critically, it “will have to step in to prevent systemic repercussions?”

oops spoke too soon

Not a bad day so far

Please try to control your outrageous exuberance! :-)

Farmboy @ 9:21 am

Gosh Farmboy – I thought that BG1 was doing the coffee duty – sorry – here he is!  :-)


Looks like they’re running out of steam. Look out below!

Gold Train

Santa Fe… all the way!  The “Texas Chief” arrives at Fort Worth,
a Gold Train from the past.


the 14 yr chart speaks words to their dunceability

grin @ 8:57 am

That’s more stupid than a lot of stuff we’ve got going on! A lot of commercial office space is not suitable for conversion to housing or the costs might be prohibitive. Someone should get a very big dunce hat.

floridagold @ 8:47 am Speaking of ‘Stimulus Measures’, Didnt You Forget Something….

No, I aint talking about your lost pair of fuzzies here. How you expect a fella to read those articles you post with his eyelids closed? Rule one : Get my eyes open. Rule Two, help me find my glasses. And by the way, the nose twitcher has her picture on a coffee cup nowdays. Guess she is getting famous…