looks like some positive tecknicals but what do I know in this crazy sector..

Madmike and Ladybug

Microsoft on fishing expedition in Portugal

For your own safety, they are asking for another email account of yours so that you can recover your account and reset your password.

Simple enough. But they are doing this on each computer that you might try to log on to.

So in one swell foop, they will be able to tie you to email accounts and the computers that you use.

Nothing wrong in that, is there?


commish 18:09

Ladybug and MadMike’s favourite song.

Coffee’s on

Bundy and the Feds

China’s Lust For Gold Set To Jump 25%

video at bloomberg

Richard Russell – The Dollar Will Crash In A Matter Of Months<<<hold on tight thru summer folks

With continued turmoil and uncertainty in global markets, today KWN is publishing another important piece that was written by a 60-year market veteran. The Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, made this ominous prediction, “In a matter of months, I see the dollar crashing.” Russell also stated that he is buying all of the physical gold and silver he can, “while they are still available.”

Russell: “For the benefit of new subscribers, I want to state my position. I think the bear market that started in 2007 was interrupted, BUT NOT ENDED, by the Fed. Somewhere ahead, I believe this bear market will run to conclusion. I also believe that the great recession never ended, but was masked by the “manufacture” rally in the stock market. Thus the reason that the Fed cannot produce its much-wanted 2% inflation is that the deflationary pressure of the great recession is still in force. The stock market continues to struggle higher, with the needed help of the Fed’s QE and zero interest rates.

The question of the year will be how the markets react when the Fed’s QE starts to fade. Sensing the deflationary pressures, the Fed has backed off on the imminent end to its zero interest rates. The latest is that zero rates (ZIRP) will continue far into the future. My investment stance continues to be holding physical gold and silver with just enough cash to get me by on a daily basis. Incidentally, I noted that with gold down on Thursday, silver held its price, indicating that on a relative strength basis, silver may be outperforming gold.

Interesting, all the gold ever mined is still available and in existence, whereas silver is used up for industrial purposes. As for the stock and bond markets, they have been rising on the basis of Fed manipulations. Since the forthcoming actions of the Fed are unknown, the stock and bond markets are functioning at high risk. Meanwhile, money managers are frantically searching for income or profits. So the question is — is the risk worth the potential reward? As far as I’m concerned, the potential profits in these markets are not worth the risk. Read more

nice Ferrari work truck


How else are you going to turn them into little consumer robots?

Mandatory Common Core tests in New York just happen to be full of corporate brand names

Across the state of New York, this year’s Common Core English tests have reportedly featured a slew of brand-name products including iPod, Barbie, Mug Root Beer and Life Savers. For Nike, the tests even conveniently included the shoe company’s ubiquitous slogan: “Just Do It.”

The brands – and apparently even some of their familiar trademark symbols – appeared in tests questions for students ranging from third to eighth grades, reports The Post-Standard of Syracuse.

Over one million students were required to take the tests.

Parents, teachers and school administrators have speculated that the kid-friendly brand names are a new form of product placement.

cont at daily caller


floridagold – George Carlin was right.

The World is run by a club. And we’re not in it.

commish @ 18:09 pm

Great Song and great idea !  :-)

Allied Nevada Announces Hycroft Mill Expansion Prefeasibility Study Results With 26.5% IRR(1) and $1.7 Billion NPV(1)

Turn me loose and set me free

ipso_facto @ 15:57 pm

he must have been lurking, on a big down day for gold the miners went green. Jnug up almost 8% today. whodathunkit…

Copper, TZA


DJIA is carving out a very nice sHs and triple top. We could have a nice drop to the Feb lows.

I still think we’re in for a 20% drop this year in the main markets.

Gold Tumbles To 2-Month Lows… Because It’s Tuesday ……………..proved by the charts … cause and effect?


Where is the Con Guy? I wish he’d show up. :mrgreen:

Dow Near Prior Sell Zone Again

If it drops from this area again, it will be the 4th time this year. You can play a drop or short with TZA fyi.

Alan Greenspan: WE CAN ALWAYS PRINT MORE MONEY, zero probability of default

The only thing missing

was the con artist of doom.


You short these days? Just curious.

The past 2 yrs we’ve seen days like this-I rate this “bullish divergence” we are seeing

today with only a 5% chance of being anything significant…DYOD

PM shares up with gold down

Lets hope it’s one of those anticipation things …

eeos @ 11:18 am

Almost like eugenics in reverse.


I removed the link because it caused a big long blank spot.

Goldman Sachs Upgrades Gold/Silver Stocks to Neutral, HUH??

is becoming more constructive on gold and silver equities and as a results is raising their coverage view to Neutral.

Analyst Andrew Quail said, “After underperforming the SPX by 21% since September 2013, gold and silver equities now appear more fairly valued, offering an average 7% total upside. We raise our coverage view to Neutral as we believe (1) more responsible capital allocation, (2) successful cost cutting initiatives, (3) a refocus on maximizing free cash flow, and (4) sound strategic portfolio optimization should improve the positioning of our companies offsetting our below-consensus outlook for commodity prices.

ipso facto fwiw….i have great faith

in the end game being invested 95% phyzz. but these times in the paper world can be trying….especially when they reflect the fiat value of phyzz. so splat me today because tomorrow the fiat will be splat-turded! :mrgreen: best of cheers wj

ZH: 2500 Gold Futures contracts in 2 seconds at 11:35:48 $GC_F $GLD


Just think how many coins the Mint could be striking, come the usual summer doldrums. Bet they run out of blanks