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No matter what the certification, trust no food sourced from Japan

BTW–Japan exports tea in bulk which is sometimes mixed with teas from other countries–and the resultant product does not reveal this mixing-so be very careful.

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Fukushima’s Food Fallout: Testing Groceries for … – YouTube
? 8:24? 8:24
Mar 14, 2012 – Uploaded by PBS NewsHour
You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. Fukushima’s Food Fallout …
Radiation and Japan: Food Testing – YouTube
? 2:15? 2:15
Nov 3, 2011 – Uploaded by umamimart
Testing 10 food ingredients for the OPENharvest event on November 2 and 3 in Tokyo. … You need Adobe …
radiation Japanese food (TEST overview … – YouTube
? 1:30? 1:30
Nov 24, 2011 – Uploaded by harisenbon7777777
I will provide several videos over the next weeks and monthsradiation check food, drinks, soil (Tokyo …
High Radiation Levels In Alberta Grocery Store … – YouTube
? 1:14? 1:14
Mar 25, 2014 – Uploaded by MissingSky101
You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. … Alberta high-school student Bronwyn Delacruz loves …
Japanese Seaweed RADIATION TEST 8-23-11 … – YouTube
? 15:52? 15:52
Sep 1, 2011 – Uploaded by EnviroReporter
Alert icon. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. Japanese Seaweed …
Post-tsunami food radiation concerns in Japan – YouTube
? 3:29? 3:29
Mar 11, 2013 – Uploaded by Harvard University
You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. Post- tsunami food radiation …
Fukushima radiation levels in food higher than … – YouTube
? 1:08? 1:08
Dec 5, 2013 – Uploaded by Don Dobbie
You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. Fukushima radiation levels in …
More by Don Dobbie – in 14,015 Google+ circles
Alarming Levels of Radiation Allowed in US … – YouTube
? 10:41? 10:41
Mar 13, 2013 – Uploaded by MsMilkytheclown1
You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. Alarming Levels of Radiation …
radiation (vegetables fruits) Tokyo Japan … – YouTube
? 6:43? 6:43
Apr 15, 2011 – Uploaded by harisenbon7777777
nuclear radiation level food test 15th April 2011. … Alert icon.You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this …
Japanese Restaurant in Taiwan Offers Radiation … – YouTube
? 2:25? 2:25
Mar 22, 2011 – Uploaded by NTDTV
Alert icon. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. Japanese Restaurant …

Buygold1 @ 11:28 am

I don’t think this Ukraine situation is going to be solved so easily. Too many people have incentive to foil any agreements. If Russian separatists start getting killed then everyone better watch out.

Scientists verify world’s largest single crystal piece of gold

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in the US have confirmed a 7.68 oz (217.78 g) piece of gold is in fact a singular crystal, increasing its value from around US$10,000 to an estimated $1.5 million. The specimen, the largest single crystal piece of gold in the world, was discovered in Venezuela decades ago, but it is only by using advanced probing instruments that experts can now verify its authenticity.

Gold found in the ground will generally have a polycrystalline structure, meaning it is made up of many crystallites, varying in shape and size. Gold of a mono-crystalline structure, where the material is unbroken, are rarer and of significantly higher value. The US-based owner provided geologist John Rakovon with four gold specimens, hoping to determine whether they were of a polycrystalline or mono-crystalline structure.

Using a single-crystal diffraction (SCD) tool and a high-pressure/preferred orientation (HIPPO) instrument at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Rakovan was able to examine the minerals using a technique called neutron diffractometry. As opposed to other probes, such as x-rays or electrons, neutrons allow the scientists to peer deep inside the materials and evaluate their structure.

The team found three of the four samples to be single-crystal pieces of gold. It is now preparing a scientific report and is examining the results to gain further insights into how the rare pieces may have originally formed.

“The structure or atomic arrangement of gold crystals of this size has never been studied before, and we have a unique opportunity to do so,” says Rakovan.

The techniques used to study the gold specimens is detailed in the following video. Link with Video

It’s Time to Ditch the Consumer Price Index (CPI) Washington’s Blog

So why does the government maintain such a transparently inaccurate and misleading metric? For three reasons.

That the official rate of inflation doesn’t reflect reality is obvious to anyone paying college tuition and healthcare out of pocket. The debate over the accuracy of the official consumer price index (CPI) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE–the so-called core rate of inflation) has raged for years, with no resolution in sight.

The CPI calculates inflation based on the prices of a basket of goods and services that are adjusted by hedonics, i.e. improvements that are not reflected in the price of the goods. Housing costs are largely calculated on equivalent rent, i.e. what homeowners reckon they would pay if they were renting their house.

The CPI attempts to measure the relative weight of each component: Read more and see charts

Paul Krugman’s Ideas Root Cause thereof:

“There’s zero evidence that the kind of extreme inequality that we have is good for economic growth”

Farmfrog sends a message ………….

Have a ribbiting Easter y’all !


FOX is reporting that the pro Russian forces are rejecting the deal proposed by the EU, US, Russia. I’m sure they have Vlad’s blessing to continue to occupy the gov’t buildings.

Nonetheless, probably just another reason to smack pm’s (as if a reason is needed)

Lavrov: Russia, US, EU, Ukraine agree on de-escalation roadmap

Russia, the US, the EU and Ukraine have adopted a joint document on the de-escalation of the Ukraine crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, after talks in Geneva. It calls for all illegal armed groups to lay down arms and a wide amnesty.

The document calls for an “immediate start of a nationwide national dialogue within the framework of the constitutional process, which must be inclusive and accountable,” Lavrov said.

The most important agreement reached during the talks, according to Lavrov, states that the Ukrainian crisis “must be resolved by the Ukrainians themselves concerning an end to the conflict” including those related to “detaining protesters, occupying buildings” and, in the long run “the start of true constitutional reform.”

“Among the steps that have to be taken are: the disarmament of all the illegal armed groups, and the return of all the occupied administrative buildings,” Lavrov told journalists at the Thursday briefing.

“An amnesty for all the protesters must take place, except of those who committed grave crimes,” the Foreign Minister added.

Cont. at rt.com/news/geneva-document-ukraine-deescalation-224/


That’s one ugly rabbit! :mrgreen:

Makes sense to me …

My Back and Forth Yesterday With John Embry

Written by Bill Holter
on April 16 2014

I received a reply to my article and a question yesterday from John Embry of Sprott Asset Management. He asks, “Where” the silver has come from to supply the excess demand over these past years. I have reprinted his question and then my response to John. I will follow my reply at the bottom with some parting comments and a more in depth explanation.


I agree with your premise totally but remain baffled by how the PTB are able to access enough physical silver worldwide to meet demand at such a remarkably depressed price. I was talking to Eric Sprott about it yesterday and he can’t understand how they’re doing it. The world experts Ted Butler and David Morgan are at a loss also. Any ideas on your part?



Hi John,

I suspect that China leased out silver 10 years ago. This was done because they wanted and preferred to have gold, it was a better deal to suppress silver prices (and thus gold also) than to just swap it one for the other because even if it was 2 billion ounces you were only talking $10-12 billion at the time. Also please remember that nearly 100 years ago we (and the British) devalued silver versus gold which stung them badly, the Chinese have memories for millennia, this was only a century ago which is like yesterday to them. They (the Chinese) have now gorged on gold and done it with large dollar amounts…not to mention they have emptied the West’s official reserves. They have built a very large gold position off of the foundation of their large silver position. In a nutshell, I believe the silver could have only come from China.

Now let me explain my theory, we saw the open interest in COMEX silver surge a couple of years ago like we are again seeing today. I believe that it originally was “the plan” that turned into a “test” because we did not default on delivering gold. The whole thing is/was a “trap” to be sprung by the Chinese (the East) on the U.S. (the West). They knew how much gold that they had purchased and calculated that we were close to running out. What they did not calculate in my opinion is that in order to keep the game going, we (the U.S.) would steal other western gold that was held in custody and use it to satisfy demand (desperate people do desperate things). I believe the silver “longs” were unwound last time once they realized that other sovereign (German, Dutch etc.) custodial gold was coming to the market. Now, we are close to running through even that “custodial gold” and the Chinese know it which is why the open interest in COMEX silver is rising again…the Chinese through proxies are lining up to “call” silver. I believe the leases were 10yrs in duration which would make sense thinking back to 2003 (Buffet’s silver) and the onset of ETF’s to be used as a pressure valve to divert some of the demand into paper that did not procure the physical metal. China is merely reloading or re preparing to spring the trap now that it looks like the gold well is drying up as evidenced by GOFO rates.

I believe that the “call” will come on 2 separate fronts for silver. One with the 10 yr. leases expiring and China calling those which will coincide with massive contracts standing for delivery on the COMEX for a double whammy. Will they get all of their silver back? No, but they have stockpiled gold in much more numerous “dollar” figures than their silver could have ever been worth. Enter Russia and the Saudis who for sure will (Russia) and probably will (the Saudis) begin to price oil in currencies other than dollars. This will cut the legs of demand out from under the dollar…simultaneously with a call on silver …at a time where gold reserves have been depleted. Can you say “re set?”

Can I prove any of this? No, but I can prove that there were only two large hordes of silver in the past (3 if you include Buffet’s ham sandwich 129 million ounces). We know of 2 billion ounces procured from the scrapping of the “Manhattan Project” and we also know that the Chinese had at least 300 million and probably more like 1 billion silver ounces…which would have gotten us to where we are now if you look at the supply deficits filled for the last 30 years. We know that China had 300 million silver ounces in 1930 and that they have been mining ever since without ever exporting any of it…they surely must have gotten to 1 billion ounces by the turn of the century in another 80-90 years of mining.

This has been “economic war” literally since the 1970?s, we just didn’t know it…the East did. While we “thought” we were winning the war with battles along the way (i.e. collapsing Russia) we lost track of their “troops and their strategy.” This I believe was evidenced by Dick Cheney’s quote that “deficits don’t matter.” They do matter; they always have and always will matter. James Turk by the way is reporting that silver is now also in a negative GOFO structure which would also argue that silver is finally becoming tight. I may be wrong but I see this entire episode as many battles within a giant war where the Chinese have allowed us more and more “rope” to hang ourselves while we won “battles” here and there…until they spring the final trap and win the war. The old saying of “he who has the gold makes the rules” still applies…the Chinese know this and we forgot it. When all is said and done, I believe that the Chinese will “tell us” what the prices of gold and silver are after the system resets. We messed up big time!

OK, so that was my back and forth with John Embry yesterday, I apologize for the hopping around style of writing but it was written off the cuff and is a little difficult to follow. We spoke at length on the phone afterwards where we talked on this and several other subjects. John’s response to me was that he had never heard this take before; I thought that he had because Harvey Organ and I have discussed this several times and they are both from Toronto. In any case, I think I got John (and hopefully others like his partner Eric Sprott) scratching his head on this one. Like I said, I cannot prove it all except that the U.S. depleted their silver reserves that were amassed from scrapping the Manhattan Project. They had roughly 2 billion silver ounces that were expended (sold) prior to the turn of the century. I also can prove that China at 1 time had a hoard of over 300 million ounces of silver (1930) and probably at least 1 billion ounces (2000). The rest is connecting these dots because the metal had to come from somewhere.

Logically, if demand has outstripped supply by 100-200 million ounces or so per year…it had to come from somewhere, right? Like I have said many times before with gold (where central banks were the big holders), you must look to the biggest hoards to see where the physical metal MUST have come from if the supply and demand numbers do not add up…which they have not for many years and do not today. I know of no other large deposits of silver that could possibly have plugged the gap between excess demand and the limited supply other than these 2 sources…one of which we know has been long gone (some will say also the LBMA, they may be correct but I am skeptical of this source). Logically, if the Chinese wanted gold but knew that physical silver was the “suppressors” Achilles heel, then they knew that providing physical silver was their road to purchasing large amounts of gold at subsidized prices. China has known all along that there are no large silver hoards left and that the West could never keep the price of gold down without keeping silver in check. In other words, you can’t have $1,300 gold if silver is trading at $500 or $1,000 per ounce. I believe that they used their silver as “bait” because they knew that the West needed it to suppress silver… In other words, they leveraged their massive silver holdings into an avenue to accumulate gold at suppressed prices

I believe that they have now trapped the West. I believe that much of the Western gold already resides in the East and that the losses of some physical silver will be more than made up for. I and many others have wondered for years, why hasn’t someone blown up the COMEX silver pit with a mere $3-5 billion? If the real “prize” was gold then wouldn’t you wait to blow up silver until there was no more gold forthcoming? This is common sense I believe and could explain why and how silver has been “carried” for so long. Seriously, there are certainly countries, states, companies, hedge funds, mutual funds and even individuals that could come up with $5 billion. This small sum would be enough to completely upset (to the upside) the pricing structure, it will be easily done when it happens.

I would also like to add that I also believe that much of whatever physical silver has been held and vaulted has also been “used.” I believe that it has been hypothecated, re hypothecated, and even the physical metal (the collateral) itself has been sold off to meet the demand. I truly believe that we will wake up one day only to find out that 99%+ of all “paper receipts” for gold and silver don’t even have the original metal behind them. At one point they surely did but since then the original ounces were sold or “pledged” on paper many times over…but now in many cases even the original metal has been sold. You either hold it in your hand or have deposited it in a non-bank storage facility or you don’t really have it in my opinion.

The above is merely my opinion so please, if you disagree with it tell me how and where the logic is wrong rather sending fired up e-mails at me. I have thought about this topic for many a moon and always come up to the same conclusion. “Silver (or gold) can only come from where it was or is held” …which in this case I have narrowed down to China. I think it makes sense and I also think that this is your answer as to who is now behind the record open interest in silver with 3 year lows in prices. Nothing else makes sense to me. For what it’s worth.


getting ready for red neck easter in florida

Report: One fifth of China’s soil contaminated

That’s how the industrial contraction in the USA started after 1980. A bunch of baloney created to increase for two reasons…

#1 Make industries pay (to create other jobs) to improve, and or move the business off shore to another group of other countries that need manufacturing jobs.

#2 To create another tax absorbing job creation huge gov’t enforcement bureaucracy. Like the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) and Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Also just to get more people working on taxpayer backs and harass businesses and energy producers.

Young Chinese kids today should avoid any kind of production jobs, go into retail, real estate related or service and retail jobs or investments. China is now where the USA was in 1980, and I think the USA is now where China was in 1980.

USA kids today should focus on production and manufacturing jobs. Mining, metals, farming, energy, widgets etc. The next time you hear about extensive use and demand for copper, it should be USA related.


What’s in those carrots?

Report: One fifth of China’s soil contaminated

Almost a fifth of China’s soil is contaminated, an official study released by the government has shown.

Conducted between 2005-2013, it found that 16.1% of China’s soil and 19.4% of its arable land showed contamination.

The report, by the Environmental Protection Ministry, named cadmium, nickel and arsenic as top pollutants.

There is growing concern, both from the government and the public, that China’s rapid industrialisation is causing irreparable damage to its environment.

The study took samples across an area of 6.3 million square kilometres, two-thirds of China’s land area.

“The survey showed that it is hard to be optimistic about the state of soil nationwide,” the ministry said in a statement on its website.

“Due to long periods of extensive industrial development and high pollutant emissions, some regions have suffered deteriorating land quality and serious soil pollution.”

Because of the “grim situation”, the state would implement measures including a “soil pollution plan” and better legislation.

Levels of pollution ranged from slight to severe.

more at bbc


Something to warm the cockles

of your Libertarian hearts!



treefrog @23:35 – I approve of this message

Florida 20:39

Reid calling them domestic terrorists. He’s the domestic terrorist!!! That is as long as hers got some dumb smuck to do his fighting for him.

RNO as for your emails

i went to your cox and hotmail and yahoo. did you get mine on all of them? if so respond on them all and we will find the one that bounces back so i can remove it from my address book and you will know not to use that one to communicate with me. this is most likely a yahoo thing. best wj

RNO you got mail. wj


I used the bellsouth.net address.


Left blames Chicago’s out-of-control gun violence on global warming

In all the talk about gun control, Chicago presents a significant problem for the left. With some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, including bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, gun-related deaths in Chicago were higher than troop deaths in Afghanistan in 2012, according to The Daily.

“Yes, last year we hit a record number of murders from guns [in Chicago],” Hefner said. “And this year we are already outpacing last year’s numbers. Now, there are contributing factors that are not under anybody’s control and may seem odd, but it is factually true. One of them is actually the weather. There is a dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer. And we are having this climate change effect that is driving that.”

Which begs the question: Is it just hotter in Chicago?


As Ron Reagan once said something like…..
“The liberals are not dumb or stupid, it’s just that everything they know is wrong”

Actual correct:
“Our Liberal Friends? Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”

This from Fitness First …thanks for the email…this is Something Else

Not sure if it has been posted

Al Gore Calls Global Warming Skeptics “Immoral, Unethical And Despicable”…


Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”

Senator Harry Reid has escalated the war of words over the Cliven Bundy dispute, sensationally labeling the Nevada cattle rancher’s supporters “domestic terrorists” during an event in Las Vegas today.


and now for something completely different…..wj



you passed the test! :mrgreen: wj

floridagold yes i remember…you had to change pass words and stuff

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